The Next 4-Day Success & Wealth Retreat is in September 2023 in Laguna Beach, California
You're about to become part of 4 powerful days in Laguna Beach that can completely change your life!
This retreat includes daily interactive group exercises, one-on-one talks and Q&A sessions with Monica Main. This is to allow you to realize and experience an entirely new dimension of your own personal awareness so that you can transform your life in ways you've never thought before. 
Here's what we cover in each day of this powerful and transformative retreat:
Day 1: Getting to the "root" of what's holding you back from what you truly want in life. This could even be first identifying what you really want and getting to the real reason as to why you haven't been able to get it.
Day 2: Revealing and healing from all of the ties that have been binding you all of these years. Things that hurt are holding you back including a broken heart or spirit. On this day we work to reveal these pains so that we can begin the healing process.
Day 3: Reprogramming your body and mind to achieve the successes you're looking to attain in the brand new life you're striving to have (or the brand new person you're striving to become). Yes, you can help reprogram your body and mind!
Day 4: Creating your new self from scratch. Devise ANY PLAN YOU WANT for the new person you want to become with a 30-day ACTION PLAN. Writing it down, directing it to the Universe, and WATCH IT HAPPEN in this very intensive "intuitive-provoked" session to guarantee that you'll get what you want (or something better)!
This is POWERFUL STUFF...and an event that you DO NOT want to miss out on!
Listen, we all get "stuck" in life at one point or another. Maybe you've never felt that you could be successful in the line of work or your "life calling" as you always wanted. Or maybe you've had some amazing successes in life and you're now thinking, "Okay, I've accomplished all I wanted to this what?"
It means you're ripe and ready for a total breakthrough and transformation! Let's make that happen. Make the time commitment to yourself to do this. What will happen is that you'll walk in who you are now and you'll walk out a completely different person on the afternoon of the third day. This is a fact.
Are you ready for this?
Only those who are truly meant to be at this event will make it. Those who aren't ready or shouldn't be there won't be there. It's that simple.
If you're at a point in your life where you're wondering, "How can I get past this rut? I know my life is supposed to be bigger and more meaningful. So, how do I make that happen? Where do I go from here?"
Then you MUST sign up for this right now while we still have room.
We keep these groups really small so they fill up FAST! Register now or risk having to wait a year or longer for the next opportunity to be able to enroll in the next event!
Normally This Event is $4,997 but for RIGHT NOW as our special ONE-TIME-ONLY Early Bird Pricing Deal, Grab Your Spot at the Next 4-Day Retreat for ONLY $1,997!
Dates & Place:  September 2023 in Laguna Beach, California
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